Wildlife holidays to the Falkland Islands offer exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities. The combination of large seabird and mammal colonies and their tolerance of human presence affords superb opportunities for intimate encounters and photography.

The most famous residents of this subantarctic archipelago are its penguins and the colonies here are some of the most accessible in the world. Five species are represented: king, gentoo, rockhopper, magellanic and macaroni. In addition to penguins the islands are home to 12 breeding colonies of black-browed albatross and large numbers of raptors, and waterfowl can be found.

Mammals are represented by southern sea lions, and fur and elephant seals, the latter being the world’s largest pinnipeds with males weighing upto 4 tons! Cetacean lovers will be delighted with peale’s and commerson’s dolphins and killer whales which are frequently seen offshore.

While some choose to visit the islands by cruise ship, the advantages of actually staying on the islands are countless. Wildlife on most of the islands is readily accessible and within a short walk of your accommodation. You will have ample time to view wildlife and get photographs at the optimum times of day during the best light. Most islands have limited accommodation which means you will be able to view wildlife undisturbed. Costs are also considerably less compared with cruise excursions.

In addition to wildlife, the Falklands offer a wonderfully laid back ambience reminiscent of a bygone era in the UK. They are, a home away from home.

All of our holidays are financially protected. To find out more our Falklands holidays and custom itineraries contact us today. This short film offers a brief insight into what the islands have to offer.

Falklands: North to South

17 days
  This 14-day tour of the islands strategically covers a selection of sites that will enable you to observe the best of what the islands...
£2950, single supplement £450

Customised Tours

We understand that everyone has different tastes, preferences, interests and budgets, which is why the majority of the tours we supply are custom...

Falklands: Enchanted Islands

01 Nov 2014 - 01 Mar 2015
This 17-day tour includes in-depth coverage of the key wildlife sites of this stunning archipelago. 5 species of penguin, black-browed albatross,...
£3250, single supplement £490