Wildlife tours to India give the naturalist an unrivalled opportunity to savour nature at its most diverse. The wide range of habitats mean that within the confines of a single country one can find a huge range of species, from snow leopards and ibex in the high Himalaya, to elephants and rhinos in the eastern plains, and big cats stalking the numerous herds of ungulates on the central plains.

Of course India’s most famous wild resident is the bengal tiger. It is home to over half of the world’s remaining tiger population and has over 40 designated tiger reserves, some of which offer superb opportunities for sightings and photography. Our flagship tiger watching tour is ‘Totally Tigers’ which to date has a 100% sightings success rate, although we offer various options including to some less-visited parks where you can escape from the crowds.

Bird watching in India is world class, with 1200 species represented. Its location at a cross roads between Central Asia/Eurasia, South Asia and SE Asia means that birds typical of all three zones can be found here, in addition to vast numbers of winter migrants from Siberia.

Being a specialist wildlife consultant for this destination means we are able to deliver an unrivalled wildlife experience. We have a selection of wildlife tour itineraries on our website, from tiger watching, to birding, through to fishing and special interest such as primates and red pandas. However, as everyone has a different requirement, the majority of our clients use our expertise and friendly service to assemble a custom made itinerary to suit their interest and budget. We can also incorporate other, non-wildlife activities into an itinerary if required, including historical visits such as to the Taj Mahal, adventure sports such as white-water rafting, and stays in health spas and retreats.

All of our holidays are financially protected. Please contact us to discuss your next wildlife holiday to India.

Assam Plains and Forests

£2495, single supplement £495
11 days

Totally Tigers

£2495, single supplement £475
01 Oct 2015 - 01 Jun 2016

In search of the Snow Leopard

£2395, single supplement £395
16 days