Duration: 16 days
Location: Ladakh, India
Price: £2395, single supplement £395


The Snow Leopard has always been the subject of the dedicated, intrepid, adventurous and optimistic. However, this is no longer the case. We now offer a tour, which offers a greater than 70% chance of sighting this magnificent big cat in its native of Northern India. In fact to date, we have maintained a 100% success rate with producing snow leopard sightings for our guests. There are several reasons why we are the number one choice for our clients:

1, We employ the best snow leopard trackers in Ladakh
2, Our itinerary gives you 10 days in Hemis National Park, far more than any other operator as we feel this is essential to maximise your chances
3, We run this trip at the optimum time of year and maintain small group sizes
4, We guarantee to offer the best price available for a comparable itinerary

Hemis National Park

How to one of the world’s highest snow leopard densities, Hemis boasts a spectacular setting in the high Himalaya of Ladakh with an altitude in the region of 4000m about sea level. Its hills and valleys provide prime habitat to the region’s wildlife, including key snow leopard prey such as the blue sheep, urial and argali. Nearby the asian ibex can also be found. The red fox is common here, as is the woolly hare and royle’s pika. Tibetan wolf and eurasian lynx would be considered lucky finds! Birders are also in for a treat with species such as lammergier, golden eagle, sparrowhawk, white-browed tit warbler, brown dipper and the highly sought after ibisbill all represented.

As there is no accommodation available, we setup a comfortable camp complete with kitchen, dining area and toilets. We will use this as our base and our guides will scan the ridges every morning before breakfast, to choose the best area to search. Food is all prepared on site and is delicious with a hot lunch being brought out to use in the field.

Warm clothing is required, although conditions can vary considerably. Walking is strenuous at times, but only short distances are covered so there is never a rush! Indeed the main challenge is adapting to the high altitude air and a few days of acclimatisation is included in Leh for this purpose.

Optional Extensions

An optional visit to Ulley Valley can be included as a substitution for the last day in Hemis. This location offers excellent chances to sight the asian ibex and the tibetan wolf is also possible here. Snow leopard are found here but are tougher to see. Urial can be found on the way to Ulley Valley and we will make a stop to see the very scenic ‘meeting of the waters’ where the Indus and Zanskar rivers merge. There is also the option of adding any other item from our tour and extension range or making a custom choice. We can even assemble an itinerary which offers the opportunity to see all 4 of India’s big cats – the lion, tiger, leopard and snow leopard!

All of wildlife holidays are covered by Financial Failure Insurance so that all monies paid to us are protected in the event of insolvency.


Day 1:Depart UK
Day 2:Arrive Delhi and overnight in city hotel
Day 3:Transfer to Leh
Day 4:High altitude acclimatisation in Leh
Day 5:Transfer to Hemis National Park
Day 6-12:Hemis National Park
Day 13:Hemis National Park or optional transfer to Ulley Valley
Day 14:Transfer to Leh
Day 15:Transfer to Delhi
Day 16:Delhi sightseeing (optional)
Day 17:International departure